Important Notice:

Due to the Coronavirus, all Sunday morning service(s) will be done via a zoom meeting until further notice.
Video conference please click on the link:
If your planning on dialing in please follow the steps below:
Step: 1 - Please dial: 13017158592
Step: 2 - Enter Meeting ID: 381 732 7583
Step: 3 - Once you hear the operator start speaking press # twice, And then you will enter the waiting room.

**PTL Believers, Pastor Posey is asking the Mt. NeBo Church family and friends to anoint their door post with oil in the Name of Jesus as long as the plague (coronavirus) is in the land. Please read Old Testament Exodus 12:13. Continue to pray, pray, and pray for yourself, family the whole Body of Christ and this world condition.

If someone would like to financially support this ministry please use our cash app, $MtNeBo2300 or mail your check(s) or money order(s) to our post office box.

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Pastor Maryann PoseyOur Pastor, Elder Maryann S. Posey, was born in AltaVista, Virginia.  At nine years old her mother, Mother Lena Parker, moved the family to Alexandria, Virginia.  While Pastor Posey was riding her bike around the corner at twelve years old, she noticed members leaving out of a church service.  That church was Mt. Nebo and Pastor Posey felt the love of it's Overseer and congregation's sincere invitation of fellowship immediately.  She became a member of Mt. Nebo and enjoyed participating with the church choir and youth's conventions in Cleveland, Ohio. After establishing a strong connected relationship with God and her church family, Pastor Posey began working on her own.  Pastor Posey married William B. Posey, son of the late Overseer Vivian I. Posey, on January 12, 1974.  God has blessed Pastor Posey with four children, Melvina, Bernard, William and Myles.  The Pastor's family has now increased to include two daughter-in-laws, and 6 grandchildren and 1 great grandchild.

Pastor Posey is a true representative of the community.  She graduated high school from T. C. Williams and never stopped gleaning for knowledge.  She has attended several institutions in the area studying God's word.  The transition from student to teacher was not hard as she started teaching the Beginner's Sunday School Class.  Pastor Posey also aided the community in songs of praise and donations through her work with the missionary department, deaconess group, and Vivian I. Posey Society.

In 1998, Pastor Posey was called into the evangelistic field.  She did not know what God had planned for her.  During her preparations for her evangelic mission, her family was sent to Vilseck, Germany.  The Lord guided her steps as she stayed humble and deep in prayer.  While in Germany, she worked with two churches by helping them set up Sunday School and Bible Study programs.  She never ceased at working to bring more souls closer to the Lord.  As she lived amongst her fellow military women on base, she felt that they had noticed her different lifestyle, and guided them into a better understanding of what it takes to live a Christian life.  Pastor Posey felt that she did not have to get up on a soap box but that her actions would let her light shine and help spread the message of God's love.

In 1999, while serving under the leadership of Pastor Jeffrey L. Fullam, of the House of Deliverance Full Gospel Church, she was ordained to minister for God.  In a letter of reference, Pastor Fullam states,

"Elder Posey is a spirit filled, fire-baptized woman of God that preaches a dynamic message of love and hope.  She is an outstanding leader with unquestionable dedication and commitment to God and the ministry.  Her God given leadership skills motivate others to seek God and trust in His word.  She truly has a heart of love and compassion that's willing to serve God with its entirety.  While being in this ministry, Elder Posey led the Sunday School congregation through anointed studies that shed light and gave hope.  Her evangelical approach gave encouragement and understanding that allowed babes and leaders alike to grow and understand the Word of God.  Surely, she will be missed."

When Pastor Posey was asked to comment about her calling, she responded by saying that she has been very fortunate to have such a loyal, faithful, and trustworthy family by her side.  She said that they have been her Aaron and Hur, supporting her in many ways too numerous to name.  She perseveres with the belief that whatever she or her family inspires to do will be done and made prosperous because God is there directing every footstep taken.

Pastor Posey is dedicated to loving Jesus and building God's kingdom.  The proof is in the life that she leads and her determination to abide by these terms that she has set for herself.  These three are, to love and edify one another, help the needy, and always give praise and glory to God.

"We are not satisfied until God is satisfied"